"Lead by a dedicated group of experienced leaders who is determined to think differently in educating children"


Cambridge School of Colombo, founded in 1999, owes its beginning to the selfless dedication of Mrs. K.Muthusamy & Mr.V.Muthusamy along with the first principal Mrs. Pamini Vetrichelvan. Established in 1999 with very meagre resources in a small building with one teacher and few pupils, the school has progressively grown in size and reputation over the years. Today, Cambridge School of Colombo has evolved into one of the most dynamic, progressive and forward-thinking academy, among all the international schools in Sri Lanka.Another milestone in the cycle of progress dawned in 2013, when the new building was opened with well-equipped e-learning center, a computer lab and spacious classrooms. The religious atmosphere and the cultural and educational standards maintained from its inception has earned for Cambridge a name recognized and respected by all, religions in Sri Lanka. Today the school has a strength of 920 students and 80 teachers. The directors, Mr.Pradeepkumar Muthusamy & Mrs.Hema Pradeepkumar look forward to provide a world class education and to shape up strong personalities for the future. The current principal Mrs.M.D.I.N .Sirwardena gives her fullest contribution to maintain the standards of the school. The school is divided in to pre-primary, primary and upper sections. Cambridge School of Colombo opens its doors to children at 2 ½ years, providing an opportunity for them to develop from Play Group up to ALs through various innovative teaching methods that are most up to date. In keeping with our strong academic tradition, we provide curricula to the highest academic standards. Cambridge School of Colombo looks for academic achievements and future promise of each of its student. So that, the school provides coaching classes for the students who need extra attention and conduct formative & summative assessments to check the students' progress from time to time. The special attention is given to the examination classes of both National & Edexcel curricula. They are privileged with holiday classes, weekly/mock exams and parent teacher interactions end of every exam. The management also conduct review meetings with teachers of examination classes to discuss the progress and take necessary actions to obtain good results. The teachers and the administrative staff have a well- structured system to conduct the classes effectively with a given schedule for each lesson. The syllabus not only depends on the text books, the teachers share knowledge from other sources too. The management also educate all the senior & junior teachers with effective teacher training programs to prepare the teachers for every challenge they will face in the modern education system. It helps them feel more confident in dealing with the problems that arise each day. With this background, the teachers had made remarkable changes in their career too. The teachers are also assessed & evaluated by the academic heads to improve the quality of teaching. End of the year, this special evaluation report guide the teachers to self-monitor & self-improve their teaching & identify where the specific growth is needed. The management never forget to encourage the staff in various incentives based on their performance. As an International School in Sri Lanka we also be alert to the changes that are taking place in the education systems around us. So that our teachers use the modern technology in teaching by enhancing the students to do power point presentations and use the e-learning center. Students and teachers also get opportunities to attend national & international level trainings and conferences. However, it is not the only thing, which we look for. A well-balanced, all-round education to develop a total and wholesome personality is our aim. Our students involve themselves in all spheres of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. We also try to enhance sports activities in our school and as a result we annually conduct the inter house sports meet. We also organize an Inter School Basketball Tournament every other year. Students show their talents in various indoor and outdoor sports such as Chess, Karate , Yoga ,Badminton, Swimming , Basketball ,High jump ,Long jump, and relay. We introduced football in 2016 and many students' shows interest in football matches. Both Edexcel and National curricula functions with more activities & projects, since the education system has begun to transform rapidly in the recent years. The blood donation, Beach cleaning & Awareness of road accidents were some of the most highlighted projects which bloomed the hidden talents of our students. Students are given opportunities to display their talents in the annual concert, sports meet and environment day too. The parents, teachers and all the students thank the management for conducting a well-structured school and they all wish Cambridge School of Colombo for their renowned service in providing world class education to the upcoming generation.



"We strive to break through barriers in acquiring competitive knowledge through innovation communication and regulation."


"Our aim is to provide preferred education, to bridge the knowledge gap with its concepts and application of modern education to create independent and responsible individuals for the future challenges."

01. Make Teaching Efficient and & Effective

Efficiency is doing teaching right; Effectiveness is teaching the right thing.

The students of today need the right amount of dosage to gain knowledge. They cannot be fed more or less.

Efficiency in teaching comes into play when a teacher is equipped to deliver the lesson according to the maturity and calibre of students. Successful teaching occurs only when the students are eager to actively participate and enjoy the subject.

Effectiveness materializes when understanding of the subject is established in each student. Delivering the lesson in a manner which a child understands is effective than a teacher putting it across in a way that he has prepared.

Our teachers employ multiple methodologies to impart the contents of any topic to cater to the needs of students of various intelligent levels. In this way students’ capabilities are measured and followed through systematically prepared lesson plans.

02.Make Learning Fun & Interactive

The Linkster generation to which our students belong are a group that comprises of 18% of the world population. They are a digitally active lot where learning is so easy for them. Referring the lessons in the text book and imparting the content to them should be fun and interactive since they don’t like scheduled and tedious activities

Our school has created innovative methods to retain the subject knowledge using quick and easy methodologies.

Games, brainstorming, debriefing debate group discussions and activities have been introduced to boost not only their memory but also to inculcate insightful learning.

The teachers have prepared dioramas, pictures, presentations, charts, maps diagrams apparatuses and annotations for students that generate synergistic learning.

The teaching activities in classrooms incorporate all types of students to speak, argue, sort, list, identify, summarize, synthesize and even critique a text. The students’ cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains are kindled to create critical and emotional thinkers.

03. Simplify Communication

Communication plays a central role in all aspects of operations of a school. With rapid changes in technology communication within and among various groups, has become difficult and flow of information and distortion of true message has become common. At Cambridge we have also changed our communication model and protocols significantly. We would like all communication to be direct and concise. With these thoughts as patents, we want you to have a great understanding of the process of how our school functions and have a greater understanding of the core values it emanates to the fraternity.

The SkoolBag App is a tool that enable us to keep in touch with parents, as a medium of information, while feedback forms and parent teacher interactions provide specific one to one modes of communication, as printed notices often do not reach parents as expected.

Social media and the Official School Website provide facts related to activities, educational strategies and special occasions that take place in our school.

Let us be full of knowledge 
With thy torch of learning 
Let us be strong with courage 
May thou mould us shining

Cambridge School of Colombo our Alma Mater 
We honour, love and respect thee 
Long live Cambridge, our dear school 
We’ll uphold thy traditions  

May we gain supreme conduct  
And bring glory to our dear school 
May we be grateful and kind  
To teacher with dedication  

We are striving really hard 
To improve sense and skills 
Red stands for our leadership
And blue stands for our loyalty   

Nurtured with noble virtues 
To be valuable citizens of the world 
And great thinkers serving nations 
Love and celebrate mankind


Mrs. K. Muthusamy (Founder Person)

I take pride in the fact to state that I am the founder person of Cambridge School of Colombo. With the assistance of my husband the Chairman Mr.Muthusamy who has spent a large sum of money to establish and continuously uplift the school.... Education is a fundamental right of every child and therefore, every child should have the opportunity to get proper education. Unfortunately, the few schools in Kotahena are unable to absorb all the children and the international schools here provide education at a price which is beyond the reach of poor and middle-class parents. As a result many children belonging to various communities and ethnic groups are deprived of good education. It is with the objective of providing quality education at affordable price that Cambridge School of Colombo was established in the year 2000, with two teachers and five students. Mrs.Pamini Vetrichelvan was the first principal. I still remember vividly what I said to Mrs. Pamini Vetrichelvan, when the chairman came to inaugurate the school " I have provided good education to my children to become engineers, doctors and accountant. Similarly, I want to give this opportunity for other children in the community so that they become professionals". With the passage of time the number on roll increased rapidly and the management shifted the school to the present venue. Going to school with books is not the be all and end all of education. Education moulds the character of pupils nurtures their knowledge, exploits their creativity for productivity and trains them to become good citizens and professionals to face the tomorrow's challenge. As school developed steadily, Mrs.A.C.N.Jasmin was appointed the principal whom we found to be a strict disciplinarian and workaholic. During her principalship, the school improved by leaps and bounds. Education curriculum was further enhanced, books were imported from overseas publishers, examination papers were streamlined and discipline was enforced to the letter. Our development programme has not ceased. A significant amount of money has been already invested to construct modern classrooms, laboratory and on sports facilities, so that we could provide nothing but the best in quality education and extra curricular activities. May I take this opportunity to thank all the teachers, parents and the principal for their unstinted support and co-operation for building our school to this reputed position.  

Mr. V. Muthusamy (Chairman)

Since attaining independence in 1948, our country has gone through tremendous changes in the sphere of education. A good education is an asset for one to achieve the goal of bright future. Taking into consideration this vital fact, I have launched Cambridge School of Colombo for quality education, as there are no better educational institutions in and around Kotahena to meet with the needs and aspirations of the parents and pupils. Over the last decade we have invested a significant amount of money for the development of the school in providing a laboratory, a dance room and music room. As further development project, we have started construction work for a new building to provide auditorium and new classroom facilities. Equipped with qualified and experienced teachers, the school is beset with the noble task of moulding the character and personality of the pupils and assist them to become professionals in various fields to face the challenges of the future. It is my opinion the future challenges could be tackled by restructuring the education and methods of teaching in compliance with the technological advancement to meet with the manpower need of the country. Undoubtedly, Cambridge School is beset with this task to churn out productive manpower to the country. I conclude this message with best wishes to students, parents, the principal and teachers......

Mr. V. Pradeep Kumar (Director)

I am rejoiced to give this message on the occasion of the eleventh anniversary of Cambridge School of Colombo. Launched in the year 2000 on a small scale, today the school with over 600 students on its roll has rendered a decade of dedicated service in the cause of education by implementing the National curriculum and the London curriculum. During the period under review, the school has extended more facilities and produced good result so that it has created a major impact in the realm of education to become one of the leading educational institutes in the island. Equipped with a qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching staff, Cambridge School encourages the students after their secondary education to pursue a degree course of studies in a university, so that they could become professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants to serve both in the private and state sectors. Currently our attention is focused on developing the school to be one of the leading schools in the island and contemplates introducing additional sports and games, extra curricular activities and cultural programs etc, so that each and every child develops mentally, physically and intellectually. Within the last decade the Management of the school has been spending a significant amount of money by way of constructing modern and comfortable classrooms, Laboratory, dancing room and library with a view to providing better facilities to the students. Furthermore the new building under construction comprises 42 classrooms, a new state of the art auditorium with additional play area and is expected to be completed in the near future. This will greatly enhance facilities to the students. I would like to take this opportunity to admonish the present students that their long path to the future is strewn with pitfalls; they should avoid this and follow the guidance of their parents, principal and teachers to pave the way for a bright future. Finally, I express my whole hearted gratitude to the principal, teachers, non-teaching staff and all the past employees who have contributed in no small measure for the upliftment of the school.  

Mrs. M.D.I.N Sirivardena (Principal)

Our mission is to nurture students to achieve excellence in education to become smart citizens with balanced personalities, who can face the challenges in the new millennium as members of the Global Village. The intention of Cambridge School of Colombo is to establish a learning environment that is equipped with modern technology including a modern computer lab and an e-learning centre. With the changes in teaching methodology, using advanced technology to teach has become a necessity. Our purpose is to strengthen students with advanced communication skills by enabling them to use e-learning facilities to improve their knowledge and develop the technical skills. We believe that students can be empowered to enable them to become more responsible and develop well balanced personalities. According to our vision, by enhancing their creative abilities and including moral values and good attitudes, we can instill in them patience, compassion, passion to the work hard and humility to treat all others with mutual respect. At the same time, we believe that students must be strong enough to stand on their own feet with courage and to face any challenges independently and solve problems they face in day to day life. Our aim is to ensure that each and every student must complete at least a first degree in a university either in Sri Lanka or anywhere in the world. With the training they should be able to reach near an idealistic situation and ultimately should be able to achieve self actualization with this education with the foundation that they get at Cambridge School of Colombo. To achieve all the above we practice Good Governance in a systematic and methodical way. The culture of the school has evolved by valuing every one's identity and maintaining a high standard of discipline that will enhance the image of the school. I wish the students and staff of the school the very best to live a life to it fullest potential.