Physical Fitness

This is yet another learning enhancing strategy, which offers students of all three sections (Pre-Primary, Primary and Upper) diverse and varied training in Physical exercise .This is carried out once in every week during the morning hours. This program is designed to make students energetic and strong which promotes them to take interest in classroom activities. In this current era students have several diversions in the form of technology (T.V,Tablet,PCs ,Mobile phone etc.) therefore, it is difficult for them to maintain focus. Physical exercise helps students to focus on their classroom activities and relieves stress and anxiety, stressed students are unable to concentrate and focus on their academic performances if they are not allowed to de-stress, physical activities gives them the environment to breathe out their stress. Since a healthy mind in a healthy body is the concept, we have noticed the students, enthusiasm, engagement and enjoyment in the lessons in school. Our aim is to develop acceptable human traits and respectable personality in students.